Some news OLD @top and NEW @down..

I am a officially ambassador for Olympus Netherlands


– Expositie kasteel Woerden

– Published articles in magazines, newspapers, online.

– My photo was the winner at Professional Imaging and is on the cover of Focus






– Article in magazine:

PDF article in magazine:

– Link: Jazzin

– Full page photo in article in magazine Zoom 2015, april:



– 3e Place at Fotogipfel Oberstdorf(Germany)!!

2 photo’s showed at exposition.










Now in Digifotopro 2015/2

IMG_8684 IMG_8680





– Photo’s show on Playground Olympus at visionary wall Hamburg, Munchen, Wien, Amsterdam, Paris.

OLYMPUS Playground

OLYMPUS Playground

  • Expo Faces of Woerden, Stadshotel Van Rossum Woerden
  • 2015 &2016 selected and @ expo Oberstdorf/Fotogipfel
  • Published in books
  • Expo Olympus playground/Photokina 2016 Koln
  • Expo Siberia Jazz expo
  • Shoot new campaign 2017 for Fitland Group
  • Workshop Sport photography for Olympus, Kamera Express in Studio34x
  • Professional Imaging, sports shoot and expo photo’s
  • Promotion video for Olympus & CameraNu


Expo Oberstdorf Fotopigfel 2017











  • Expo ‘Paris’ at The Hall Woerden


  • Campaign Stadshotel Woerden


  • Publication Shutr


  • Shoot new Dutch campaign Fitland


  • Shoot European lens Campaign Olympus


  • Publication Digifotopro


  • International book published, Olympus Passion


  • Expo project Vereeuwigd, Natlab Eindhoven/Domkerk Utrecht


  • on tv Kruispunt KRO


  • Publication in newspaper Trouw